CLOCKWORK out in Dutch

21. januar 2022

In mid January 2022 the Dutch version of CLOCKWORK (Urværk) – translated from the Danish by Kor de Vries – was published by Prometheus in Holland. KNACK magazine in Belgium reviewed the novel with these words:

‘”An old woman, a clock and a cheerful little boy next door: Danish author Ane Riel needs nothing more to write a time bomb of a novel… Riel’s popular breakthrough came in 2015 with the thrilling RESIN, and she applies a similar expertise to Alma’s timeless story. An oppressive setting, a mysterious past, crucial cliffhangers, and subtle plot twists: Riel masters the literary wheel like a Swiss watchmaker. CLOCKWORK also fascinates in terms of the social issues that Riel raises, such as loneliness among the elderly, community that fails to intervene when dementia or domestic violence strikes. But above all, CLOCKWORK is a deeply moving novel about an unlikely friendship that transcends generations and time.”

Link to KNACK’s review of UURWERK

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