The Butcher of Liseleje


Danish title: Slagteren i Liseleje

The novel was originally published in 2013 by Tiderne Skifter. In August 2019 it was re-issued by Lindhardt and Ringhof.


Awarded by The Danish Crime Academy

At first glance, Judith Abild Behring seems to be the quintessence of a nice and charming old lady: Meticulous and excellent in a kitchen. She is very caring, apparently, with a fondness for animals. And … uh … she flirts a little too, doesn’t she? With the postman, for example. Appearances can be deceptive, and this old lady has both skeletons in the cupboard and a hidden agenda.

The Butcher of Liseleje tells a both hilarious and grim story, full of surprises. The reader is presented with a number of human destinies – and sent on a journey full of contrasts where truth is fighting against deception and horror is lurking behind the idyllic countryside.

Slagteren i Liseleje af Ane Riel

Cover(s) by Mikkel Henssel.
Hover to see the original 2013 cover.


Riel writes so well, crystal clear – and deadly funny!

– Weekendavisen


You will be deeply touched

– Fyns Stiftstidende


A well turned and greatly plotted story

– Politiken


You’re damn well entertained by this whimsical and intelligent novel

– Information


Incredibly funny and very touching … a masterly pen

– Fredericia Folkeblad

Rights sold to: Germany/btb (at auction) and  Norway/Aschehoug (at auction)

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