Wonderful reviews of CLOCKWORK in The Netherlands and Belgium

26. februar 2022

UURWERK, the Dutch version of Ane Riel’s latest novel URVÆRK (CLOCKWORK), has received wonderful reviews in Belgium and The Netherlands:

DE TELEGRAAF (The Netherlands)
“CLOCKWORK is a beautiful, poignant novel about two people who once loved each other, but lost each other over time. By exposing a tragic life in phases – because of Alma’s struggling memories – Ane Riel manages to strike a sensitive chord, albeit in a light-hearted and at times humorous tone. And then all that remains is compassion, for both Alma and Otto. All references to time – watches, clocks, wanting to turn back time, not succumbing to bitterness – show that time does not heal all wounds.”
4.5/5 stars

“Riel is eminent at portraying characters who’ve come undone… CLOCKWORK is the fascinating portrait of a woman suffering from dementia who increasingly confuses the now and the then… Riel provides a captivating portrayal of how Alma’s faltering brain evolves and how she slowly loses control of time and her life…”
4/5 stars 

NRC HANDELSBLAD (The Netherlands)
“CLOCKWORK is a grownup literary fairy tale about life and death. It’s an exciting novel, you want to know what happened… But what makes this novel especially worthwhile i Riel’s beautiful, compelling storytelling style.”
4/5 stars

THRILLZONE (The Netherlands)
“CLOCKWORK is Ane Riel’s latest masterpiece. She needs so very little to keep you captivated as a reader: a woman with demntia, a boy with a dog, and time… Playing with the reader’s curiosity, Riel gives you just enough to keep you hooked, but certainly no too much. Just like with RESIN, the finale leaves you filled with wonder. The Queen of intimate drama strikes again with CLOCKWORK!”
5/5 stars

“The narrative unfolds smoothly yet is sometimes a bit elusive, much like dementia…Clockwork is a remarkable story about the transience of a human life, time, friendship, relationships, willpower and love. Not everything is what it looks like!”
4.5/5 stars

KNACK Magazine (Belgium)
“Riel masters the literary wheel like a Swiss watchmaker…CLOCKWORK is a deeply moving novel about an unlikely friendship that transcends generations and time.”
4/5 stars

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